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HPA Convention 2018

Hawai‘i Psychological Association Annual Convention

The Hawai`i Psychological Association (HPA) is pleased to announce a 
Call for Papers for its Annual Convention to be held at the 
East-West Center (University of Hawaii at Manoa campus)

October 26 and 27, 2018

You can easily submit a proposal online at

The convention program and registration forms will be available on the HPA website ( All program participants, members, non-members, and students are expected to register and pay the relevant registration fees for the meeting.

This Call is for workshops, symposia, paper sessions addressing a common theme, individual papers, poster presentations and roundtable sessions. Many of the workshops will be offered for Continuing Education credit.  


Instructions for submissions:

Workshops, symposia, paper sessions, and roundtable sessions will be scheduled for a maximum of 90 minutes and can have up to four participants and a chairperson who is responsible for introducing the material and providing background for the ensuing discussion. The chair is also expected to be the time-keeper as needed. Symposium programs may include a Discussant. Please note: HPA abides by APA rules - the programs, to include paper sessions and symposia, are not to be used as paper-reading sessions. Participants are expected to speak freely from notes or PowerPoints, as merely reading out a paper often detracts from the spirit of the proceedings. Inclusion of ethical and diversity considerations is strongly encouraged, as is the provision of audio-visual aids. It is helpful to provide a summary, handout, or resource list that can be uploaded ahead of time to the convention website for access by participants, or given out on the day of the presentation (presenters are expected to bring their own copies for distribution).


Individual papers may also be submitted. If accepted, these will either be included as part of a paper session with a chair appointed by the Program Committee, or as posters, at the discretion of the Program Committee. Poster presenters should prepare an abbreviated text of the paper with graphs, tables, data, etc. clearly readable from a distance of two to three feet, mounted on a poster board. Easels/tables will be provided.


Student submissions are particularly welcome. HPA aims to provide a quality local venue to allow students the opportunity to present their research to an audience of their peers and other professionals. In addition, the HPA Graduate Student Research Award is presented to the best adjudicated student paper, presentation or poster.


We welcome your proposal. Please complete the online submission form at:


Alternatively, you can submit all materials to, or mail in to HPA, PO Box 833, Honolulu, HI 96808. 


Important notes:


Please prepare all of the following and submit as an attachment or attachments:

For a Workshop, Symposium, Roundtable, or Multiple-Paper Session:

  1. 250-word maximum abstract outlining and describing the overall program
  2. 150-word maximum abstract for each presenter (if applicable)
  3. Short biographical statement for each presenter (30 word maximum per presenter)
  4. Several learning objectives for the program
  5. 30 word maximum summary to appear in the Convention brochure
  6. CV/resume for each presenter

For an individual Poster or Paper:

  1. 250-word maximum abstract
  2. 30 word maximum summary to appear in the Convention brochure
  3. CV/resume for the presenter

The deadline for this Call for Papers is July 31, 2018.  We look forward to receiving your proposal!

Hawaii Psychological Association
P.O. Box 833
Honolulu, Hawaii 96808

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