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HPA Convention 2012  

Convention Morning Programs: Saturday October 20, 2012

Collaborating on Teams with Diverse Professions: Experience with ‘Cultural’ Matters in Administrative, Clinical, and Research Settings in Psychology, Medicine, and Public Health

Maria B. J. Chun, Ph.D.
Bradley Chun, M.D.
Angela Sy, DrPH

Addressing health and social issues require a drilling down to the core structural determinants at the root of such issues. An interdisciplinary approach may more effectively tackle complex health and other social problems. With a focus on medicine, psychology, and public health, three panel presenters will discuss their respective experiences on interdisciplinary collaborative teams at their practice and research settings. This presentation will provide examples and lessons learned when working on teams with professions outside one's own. The extent that an interdisciplinary approach provides added value to their work will be discussed.

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