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HPA Convention 2014  

Poster Presentations

Venue: Regency Ballroom Convention Center Foyer

Cognition, Emotion, and Sport Fencing:  A Review and Prescription for Future Research
-- Blake K.M. Anderson and Robert M. Anderson, Jr., Ph.D.

The Phenomenal Self, Working Memory, and the Dopamine Hypothesis of Schizophrenia:  A Theoretical Integration
-- Robert M. Anderson, Jr., Ph.D. and Jennifer N. Hamada

HIV Positive Clients:  A Qualitative Study
-- Jon Cisneros, B.A., Kellen Imada, B.A., Lawrie Ignacio, Psy.D., Micah Keaney, B.A., and Michael M. Omizo, Ph.D.

Adolescent Neuropsychological Development: Implications for Prevention and Intervention
-- Adrienne Kadooka, MA

Adult Attachment Styles and Relationship Satisfaction Among Gay Men
-- Micah Keaney, B.A., Jon Cisneros, B.A., Kellen Imada, B.A., Lawrie Ignacio, Psy.D., and Michael M. Omizo, Ph.D.

Increasing Clinical Utility of the SPAI by Examining the Psychometric Properties of Domain-Specific Social Anxiety
-- Alexander Krieg and Casey P. Thompson

Current Assessment and Treatment of Sport Concussions:  A Summary of the Literature
-- Nozanin Y. Lelie, M.A., Ashley J. Lelie, B.A., and Robert M. Anderson, Jr., Ph.D.

Defining, Understanding and Developing Mental Toughness
-- Behruz Y. Yusufbekov, B.S., Nozanin Y. Lelie, M.A., and Ashley J. Lelie, B.A.

Methamphetamine Users:  Mandated vs. Non-Mandated Treatment Outcomes
-- Brian Potts

Conversation Skills Assessment and Autism:  Trying to Hit a Moving Target
-- Sean Scanlan, Ph.D.

Evaluation of Hawaii’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards Program
-- Jeffrey Stern, Ph.D., Charletta Wilson, Karl Minke, Ph.D., Leslie Edwards, M.A., and Julie Nishihara

Adaptation of a STI-Prevention Intervention for Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Asian Teen Girls in Hawai‘i
-- Julie Takishima-Lacasa, M.A., Velma A. Kameoka, Ph.D., Kyla L. Stueber, B.A., Janelle R. Papin, B.A., and Rejil Joseph

Transgender Individuals in the Workplace:  Implications for Vocational and Career Counseling
-- Rick Trammel, Ph.D., and Patrick Kamakawiwoole, Psy.D.

Mental Health Needs Assessment of the Transgender Community
-- Scott Wilson

Increasing Physical Activity in Overweight, Obese, and Sedentary Youth: Fitness Programming Focusing on Improved Self-Efficacy Through Gamification
-- Damon Clark

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