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The Psychologically Healthy Workplace 

Belt Colins Hawaii, Ltd. 
2003 Award Winner: Large Business Category

Belt Collins, considers no phase of the operation more important than accident prevention and their industry-leading results prove they have exemplary safety programs. Belt Collins is a Hawaii company with over 100 employees and an international scope. They have been integrally involved in the development of many of Hawaii’s finest destination resorts, numerous other award-winning projects, and are a model of long-term performance excellence by design professionals.

Believing in a philosophy of ownership, the company, owned by the employees, is committed to a culture that fully supports the physical and emotional health of all. A full range of programs and benefits consistent with this commitment is made available to the employees. They provide financial support for employees to advance professionally, obtain licensures, and attend refresher courses. In addition, mentoring programs and the inclusion of employees on various company boards support professional and personal growth and employee participation in corporate decision making.

Belt Collins Hawaii recognizes that time away from the office spent with family and friends is an important aspect of a satisfied, dedicated and productive employee. Each year, the company sponsors a family picnic, but more important, they allow time off for employees to attend school events of their kids such as a child’s first day at school, May Day ceremonies, graduations, Xmas programs and they also have Childcare as well as Eldercare provisions. Since the 1990.2 the company has provided a breast-feeding area for mothers who had newborns and wanted to work, and now, a breast-feeding room is a permanent site adjacent to the ladies room, equipped with a poster board and filled with family photos for the entire staff to enjoy. Staff who are involved in coaching youth soccer, baseball and so on are permitted flexible work schedules to continue these seasonal activities and the Belt Collins Hawaii Golf Club has been in existence for over 20 years. That provides another venue for managers and staff to become better acquainted and get even!

Their shower and change rooms are available for employees who want to ride bikes, workout or walk, and the lunchroom has two refrigerators, four microwaves, a portable oven and lots of activities. Something new this year, BCH through a corporate membership with the Contemporary Museum, has invited the entire staff and their families for a fun corporate weekend that includes free admission and discounts at all the shops. The company continues its steadfast focus on respect, a healthy and productive work environment, and diversity in a way that is nurturing, patient and supportive - The Belt Collins Hawaii way.

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