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4th Signal Regional Cyber Center
— Big Mission with All Hands on Deck
2014 Award Winner: Military Category

The 4th Signal Center is located at Ft. Shafter and is responsible for meeting the Army's communication needs in across 52% of the world's surface.  

The center consists of 101 personnel, approximately 2/3 military and 1/3 civilian. With highly technical skills required to carry out the mission, the unit is divided into self-managed teams, which have a great deal of involvement in making decisions.  

The 24/7 operations require organizational leaders to be readily accessible and approachable. 

Top-down communication allows the senior leadership to make clear the goals and actions while regular bottom-up communication gives personnel ample opportunity to provide feedback. 

It was clear to our site visitors that the organization leads by example, takes pride in getting to know individuals at the personal level, and employees at all levels were committed to the mission.

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