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The Psychologically Healthy Workplace 

Tripler Army Medical Center 
2010 Award Winner: Military Category
2013 National Award Winner (APA Center for Organizational Excellence)

Tripler Army Medical Center has an entire division dedicated to well being prevention and resilience with, training instructors and staff whose whole job is to focus on employee health and well being. They provide tuition reimbursement, and free online courses are available to all employees. Community training leave is granted. They have Career Development and Counseling Services  available, Skills Training courses are available on and off base.  

Tripler believes in recognizing and compensating employees for their accomplishments and work through promotions, ceremonies and public displays of staff accomplishments.  They provide flexible work arrangements work-life balance and Family Support, regular health promotions and they have a "Rejuvenation Room" with massage Chair, waterfall fountain, and biofeedback unit.

APA 2013 Psychologically Health Workplace Awards

Two of Hawaii's winners have gone on to become two out of four 
national winners for 2013. 
Tripler Army Medical Center is one of them.

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