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The Psychologically Healthy Workplace 

Maui Divers Jewelry
2009 Award Winner: Large Business Category

The winner in the Large Business category is Maui Divers Jewelry. This year, their 570 Employees are celebrating 50 years of business. They also are a previous applicant who continued to grow and improve, and so earn an award this year.

All company employees are part owners, 33% of the company being held by staff. This gives them a vested interest and input on company decisions.

  • Employee suggestions are taken seriously and may receive monetary rewards for particularly innovative ideas.

  • All employees have access to a 70% employee discount for jewelry products.

  • Maui Divers offers very flexible work arrangements to meet family needs, including, work and leave options that leaves it up to staff as to when they are ready to return to work after child birth or other types of family emergencies

  • 50% of Bus Passes or parking are paid for by the company.

  • There is a safety committee that identifies and addresses areas of safety risks

  • Accident free employees are recognized and taken to lunch to celebrate their success

  • In addition to its EAP program, Maui Diver’s Injured Worker program provides rehabilitation to workers to ensure as rapid a return to work as possible.

  • Maui Diver’s recruitment motto is “no experience necessary” as the starting point with new hires. They provide the training and expertise to help all employees succeed.

  • In addition to providing technical and operational trainings, Maui Divers offers tuition reimbursement of 50% for college tuition costs.

  • The Human Resources Director is earning her MBA through this program

  • They have on-going coaching, mentoring and “Monday Motivation” meetings.

  • 90% promotions have been internal promotions.

  • Maui Divers matches 100% of any employee’s monetary donation to a charity and the company itself is involved in several local and national charity efforts.

  • This year they donated school back-packs to Kuhio Park housing and once per month celebrated birthdays for children at the Kakaako Homeless shelter.

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