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The Psychologically Healthy Workplace 

Seagull Schools 
2011 Award Winner: Non-profit Category

Seagull Schools is a private, non-profit corporation of 180 employees on Oahu and the Big Island, serving children and seniors since 1971. With seven preschools and senior care centers, they serve 900 children and 150 seniors with fees that are among the lowest in the state.

Seagull Schools has a very high retention rate --- once people stay, they move up in the ranks and stay on.

Seagull Schools pays for 100% of life insurance, 90-100% of health insurance, and 100% of long-term disability insurance. Generous vacation days are given: 12 days 1st year, 18 days for the second year, 24 days for the 3rd year. Plus everyone is granted a day off for their birthday every year.

Flexible Schedules are permitted for those with small children or elders to care for.

Significant discounts are available for family members to attend Seagull Schools.

There IS such a thing as a FREE LUNCH to all staff members on site. And lunch is always healthy as are the snacks, with vegetarian choices on a regular basis.

Employees accrue wellness points by attending healthy activities like the Great Aloha Run, setting weight loss goals or smoking cessation goals, joining gyms, etc. Points are redeemed for gift certificates

As a reminder to be healthy, with every payroll check, management includes articles on wellness, mental health tips, and preventative health care. Every Professional Development Day has a physical element to it such as yoga, Zumba, and pilates

Upon completion of their degree while working at Seagull, staff are reimbursed 100% of tuition credits that were not paid for by financial aid, If they reach on-going professional development goals, they are given a 2% bonuses twice per year,

There is a fund established to provide assistance to those employees experiencing financial hardship. Up to $1000 is given to any employee who qualifies for this when in need.

If an employee suggestion submits a proposal they are given $50 for the initiative and time taken to do so, and IF the proposal is accepted as policy or procedure, the employee is given a total of $200.

Pay increases and cash bonuses are given when:

  • An employee is recognized by a parent or community member for good service
  • An employee contributes to the betterment of the community
  • An employee wins a wellness award for exercise, losing weight, or other healthy achievements
  • An employee moves to the next level of education

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