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The Psychologically Healthy Workplace 

Bowers+Kubota Consulting
2011 Award Winner: Large Business Category
2013 National Winner (APA Center for organizational Excellence

Bowers+Kubota Consulting, is a 100-member, state-wide, design, building, project management and construction organization.

They actually designed and built the building that they work in and it has been awarded the LEED (Leadership, Energy, Environment, & Design) Gold Award!

The office and working environment is both eco- and ergonomically friendly improving the overall working environment with a range of technologies.

An innovative web-based wellness program promotes healthy lifestyles and addresses ongoing needs of employees. 

Every employee who participates in their own wellness program is rewarded quarterly with points given for diet, weight loss, and other healthy choices.

Gift certificates are given and Gym membership fees are subsidized.  Employees are reimbursed up to $200 annually for exercise endeavors.

There is an annual health and wellness fair that includes: vendors and EAP presence for health/bio screening and information.

Employees are provided with full tuition reimbursement for continuing education and training. 

Employees generate an individual career plan identifying short and long term goals.  There is clear and ongoing supervision to provide pathways towards promotion and advancement. 

Every new employee is assigned a mentor to assist in job satisfaction and fulfillment

Employee-management meetings are set aside for team building activities, such as, golf, softball, picnics, and community services projects.

From day one, all employees are included in profit-sharing, including matching of the company’s 401K plan, flexible spending program, semi-annual bonuses, and individual birthday luncheons.

Longevity of employment is the goal and fulfills the "wanting the employee’s retire with dignity" philosophy.

They pay 100% of health insurance, for individuals and family, and has done so for the past 10 years.

Employees are recognized at holiday parties

Flexible work schedules include options of working from home, four-day works weeks, daily time adjustments.

Children are welcomed in the office.

Monthly employee activities incorporate health family type activities to promote and sustain family engagement support.

BK assists injured employees and their family An employee who was actually injured outside of the work environment, yet was provided with compensation for four months, until he was able get back on his feet.

BK works with numerous charities including with employees given one paid day off annually to participate in their own individually chosen community service project.

They promote and exemplify the company motto "… (As) flowers thrive where there is water, so people thrive where living conditions are good." 

APA 2013 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards

Two of Hawaii's winners have gone on to become two out of four 
national winners for 2013. 
Bowers+Kubota is one of them.

Brian Bowers of Bowers & Kubota
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