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Hawai'i Pro Bono Mental Health Center

No cost services for those without health care insurance 

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Media Award

Awarded for outstanding contributions to psychology and mental health services in the State of Hawai‘i. 

1985 "Dialog" Hawaii Public TV Production
1986 Leslie Wilcox
1987 Lee Carlson
1988 Bob Jones
1989 Helen Alton, Honolulu Advertiser
1989 Jill Engledow, Maui News
1990 none presented
1991 none presented
1992 Emme Tomminbang
1993 KONG Radio
1994 Beverly Creamer, Honolulu Advertiser
1995 Esme Infante, Honolulu Advertiser
1996 Linda Hosek, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
1997 Leslie Wilcox, TV 2
1998 Carl Zimmerman, Honolulu Advertiser
1999 Paul Udell
2000 none presented
2001 none presented
2002 Mina Sugimoto, KHNL
2003 Mike Gordon, Honolulu Advertiser
2004 Angela Keen
2005 John Fink, KFVE
2006 Katie Young, Mid-Week
2007 Beth-Ann Kozlovich, HPR
2008 Leland Kim
2009 Craig DeSilva
2010 (not awarded)
2011 Ted Barlimus (Island Scene for HMSA Magazine)
2012 Jade Moon
2013 none presented 
2014 Denise Lau
2015 Kathleen Kozak, M.D. 
2016Todd Simmons

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